DSP 9000 Universal Secure Radio Encryption

DSP 9000 Secure Radio Encryption

Military Secure Radio Encryption System

The DSP 9000 military radio encryption family provides high-end secure communications for most radio makes and models, all frequency bands, and supports radio-to-telephone commander's conferencing. The DSP 9000 secure radio family encrypts communications over HF/UHF/VHF channels with exceptional recovered voice quality. Base station, handset and implant board configurations are available for air, land, and sea applications. Enabled by TCC's X-NCrypt® Cross Network Cryptography, the DSP 9000 interoperates with TCC's HSE 6000 headset radio and telephone encryption solution, connecting military with public safety personnel.


  • Proven high-end security
  • Exceptional recovered voice quality
  • Universal encryption works with most radio makes and models, and all frequency bands
  • Cost-effective solution: No equipment changes and seamless network overlay
  • Automated keying architecture
  • Easy to use, deploy, manage
  • Remote-control capability for vehicles, ships and aircraft installations
  • Interoperates with TCC's HSE 6000 secure radio headset and telephone encryptor
  • Secure multiparty conferencing between office and field

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End-to-End Secure Radio Communications

The DSP 9000 secure radio encryption family provides an integrated secure communications solution for air, ground and sea military operations. Half- and full-duplex models are available and it comes in base station, handset and implant board configurations. Supporting X-NCrypt Cross Network Cryptography, the DSP 9000 is interoperable with TCC's HSE 6000 secure radio headset and telephone encryption for radio to telephone point-to-point and multiparty commander's conferencing.

Universal Radio Encryption

A universal radio encryption solution, the DSP 9000 operates with most radio makes and models, and seamlessly overlays on existing networks for cost-effective high-level end-to-end security.

Exceptional Recovered Voice Quality

TCC's Enhanced Domain Transform (EDT) encryption algorithm uses a "toll quality" voice digitizer. After conversion into a digital data stream, the voice signal is processed in both time and frequency domains in a manner that maintains the output bandwidth within the original 3kHz pass band. The recovered (decrypted) voice retains its original voice quality.

Cryptographic Strength
Centralized Management System for Secure Radio Encryption Key Management

The EDT algorithm is controlled by a highly non-linear digital key stream generator. Tools are available for algorithm customization. All key management settings are preselected by a security officer. The security officer generates keys and radio interface settings with TCC's Crypto Management System, and easily loads them into the DSP 9000s with TCC's SmartModule key fill device. A three-tier keying architecture, together with a randomly generated Initialization Vector, provide a new key stream for encrypting the audio. Additionally, Auto Key Change mode periodically updates the Local Key in use. Downline key indexing automatically sets the receiving units to the correct key.

DSP 9000 Handset

The high-level security and voice processing of the DSP 9000 base station is available in a handset half-duplex configuration. The DSP 9000 HS replaces the existing manpack radio handset, adding less than one pound to the radio. The DSP 9000 HS is ideal for ground troops. Prior to initial deployment, the security officer loads keys and radio interface settings using TCC's SmartModule. Once loaded, the radio operator only needs to select cipher or plain mode.

DSP 9000 Secure Radio Encryption Handset

DSP 9000 Implant Board

The DSP 9000 Implant Board is an OEM solution for radio manufacturers. It is a modular embedded board designed for easy integration into radios, and interoperates with radios secured with members of the DSP 9000 family and the HSE 6000 headset radio encryptor.

HSE 6000 Secure Radio Headset and Telephone Encryption

The HSE 6000 secure radio headset encryptor is a small, lightweight solution designed for the Land Mobile Radio (LMR) applications of public safety special operations, and aircrew when on-the-ground. It operates with any handheld or squad radio and any headset/handset and is compatible with the DSP 9000 military radio encryption family. The Telephone Interconnect Kit (HSE 6010) enables both secure radio to secure telephone, and secure telephone-to-telephone communications - point-to-point and conferencing. It connects to corded handset telephones used with VoIP, analog and digital telephone networks, and is ideal for connecting commanders and government officials to field personnel.

Secure Telephone and Secure Radio Encryption

Additionally, DSP 9000 secure radio encryption is compatible with TCC's CSD 3324 SE secure voice telephone.

Secure Voice Interoperable Family Connecting Military, Special Operations and Public Safety

Secure Voice Radio Encryption for Air Land and Sea, and Secure Voice Conferencing

X-NCrypt Cross Network Cryptography is the revolutionary evolution in the application of TCC's DSP 9000 military radio encryption technology, enabling secure voice communications across radio and telephone networks as well as commander's conferencing.

Summary Technical Specifications: DSP 9000 Secure Radio Encryption


 TCC proprietary Enhanced Domain Transform (EDT), controlled by a non-linear key stream generator


 Key management architecture with three key types: Network, System and Local Keys. Automated keying architecture
and random Initialization Vector at each sync burst transmission. Storage of 800 keys in DSP 9000 Base,
200 keys in DSP 9000 HS


 SmartModule key fill device


 Windows-based, rack mountable server and security vault.
Security vault generates and stores keying material in anti-tamper protected enclosure.
CMS also configures interfaces and other settings and transfers them to SmartModule key fill devices for distribution to encryption units.


 Half- and full-duplex models

 Front and rear connectors

 Designed/tested to MIL-STD specifications

 Rugged physical design

 Menu-driven programmable interface and configurations

 Selectable synchronization approaches

 Select call mode for private conversations

 Sync Coast feature

 Base model also interoperates with CSD 3324 SE secure telephone

 Remote control capability for vehicles, ships and aircraft


TCC is dedicated to quality products and services. TCC is ISO 9001 certified. ISO 9001, granted to TCC by TUV, is the most stringent standard available for total quality systems in design/development, production, installation and servicing.

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